Meet the Twozies

Nessy & Nesta

You rarely see friends like Nessy and Nesta these days. These little gentle giants are bumpy but never grumpy. They are old friends who really look after each other.

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Seamore & See Saw

See Saw is always giving Seamore a seahorse ride on his back.  It's a great way to explore the shore!

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Pepe & Chickee

Pepe & Chickee are two cheeky chimps who love to work two-gether as a team. They're a clever couple who get things done and they work for peanuts!

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Claude & Clyde

Claude and Clyde like to make each other laugh. These giggly guys are always kitten around!

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Prudence & Potto

Prudence and Potto are master mud pie makers! They're always helping each other out when there's trouble in the puddle!

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Betsy & Ceba

Betsy and Ceba spend their time having a climb. They love inviting other Twozies over to their Treehouse for a bamboo banquet!

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Pauly & Pesto

Pauly and Pesto are always helping each other to keep calm. Twogether they always keep their cool and never get into a flap!

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Patti & Pinklee

Patti and Pinklee are two "Long standing" friends! Pretty in pink, They are the perfect dance partners and are great Flamingo dancers!

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Woolbur & Woolsin

Woolbur and Woolsin are warm hearted friends who love to keep out the cold with cuddles.

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Wonda & Woofles

Wonda and Woofles love to sing and put on shows for their friends. They are the best doggy duo around!

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Wobbles & Bobbles

Wobbles and Bobble's igloo is never cold. Their warm hearts always keep them snuggly.

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Tracka & Treaty

Treaty loves to jump out of the bushes and pounce on Tracka. Life's full of surprises when you get tricked by Treaty!!

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Tosca & Twitchy

Tosca and Twitchy love chocolate! But if there is only one left in the box they will always offer it to each other first!

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Tombo & Tyson

Tombo and Tyson are always racing each other, and being best friends Tombo lets Tyson win his fair share of races!

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Toesy & Bango

You have to search high and low to find friends like these two! But it’s worth the search!

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Tamba & Tessy

Ever since they found each other, Tamba and Tessy have treasured their friendship! They love to tumble about in the jungle together!

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Scampa & Nutmeg

Scampa and Nutmeg are nuts about each other. Together in a tree is where they love to be!

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Rupert & Keepa

Rupert and Keepa have a true friendship that is hard to find.  They know what they have is very precious!

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Milli & Mittens

Milli loves to cook and Mittens loves to eat. Two-gether being friends is always SWEEEET!!!

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Mavis & Maci

Mavis and Maci are bananas about each other even though one is cheeky and the other is sneaky!

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Mable & Mellow

Mable and Mellow have hearts of gold! You could say they are 24 carrot friends!

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Lippy & Specs

Lippy and Specs are two best friends who are always "spotted" together! Friendly and fast with a friendship that lasts!

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Kenny & Crumbles

Kenny and Crumbles always have a tree full of cuddles for each other. Their magical hugs can squeeze away any troubles they have!

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Jangles & Bangles

Jangles and Bangles are two courageous friends. They always stick their necks out for each other.  

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Hunny & Pots

Hunny and pots are always busy together. They love making honey for their friends and are as sweet as can bee!

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Holler & Harvey

Holler and Harvey are a couple of noisy night owls! They love staring at the stars and dreaming together!

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Henrietta & Penny

Henrietta and Penny have the best nest in town! They are always working together to make their home even cozier! You could say they are "NEST FRIENDS"!

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Gracey & Forest

Gracey and Forest love sleeping! You'll hardly see them during winter. They'd rather be wrapped in their blankets. They can't BEAR the cold!

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Flicka & Tricky

Flicka and Tricky are two very "Fetching Friends" who love to take each other for walks in the park!

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Finn & Gilbert

Finn and Gilbert love to play Marco Polo the pool together and are always splashing out on each other with gifts!

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Dale & Dashie

Dale and Dashie love magic! Dale is always making Dashie appear and disappear in the silliest places!

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Chester & Carter

Show jumping is what Chester and Carter like to do. When they work together no fence is too big to get over!

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Cala & Chatz

Cala and Chatz don't have any secrets from each other.  They just love to talk and tell each other everything!

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Bumpy & Chargy

Bumpy and Chargy are a couple of clumsy friends. They're always bumping into each other!

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Billy & Beeky

Billy and Beeky are true feathered friends! They'll always go to great heights for each other!

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Banda & Deery

Banda and Deery love to play hide and seek in the forest. But they never hide from each other for long because they miss each other too much!

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Ando & Bebe

Panda's that play together stay together and Ando and Bebe love playing music together! You should see them jamming away on their awesome bamboo flutes! They're Pandastic!

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