Meet the Twozies

Nessy & Nesta

You rarely see friends like Nessy and Nesta these days. These little gentle giants are bumpy but never grumpy. They are old friends who really look after each other.

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Seamore & See Saw

See Saw is always giving Seamore a seahorse ride on his back.  It's a great way to explore the shore!

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Pepe & Chickee

Pepe & Chickee are two cheeky chimps who love to work two-gether as a team. They're a clever couple who get things done and they work for peanuts!

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Claude & Clyde

Claude and Clyde like to make each other laugh. These giggly guys are always kitten around!

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Prudence & Potto

Prudence and Potto are master mud pie makers! They're always helping each other out when there's trouble in the puddle!

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Betsy & Ceba

Betsy and Ceba spend their time having a climb. They love inviting other Twozies over to their Treehouse for a bamboo banquet!

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Pauly & Pesto

Pauly and Pesto are always helping each other to keep calm. Twogether they always keep their cool and never get into a flap!

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Patti & Pinklee

Patti and Pinklee are two "Long standing" friends! Pretty in pink, They are the perfect dance partners and are great Flamingo dancers!

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